How to Become a Monk (The Independent)

How to Become a Monk
By Adrian Gatton
The Independent
13 March 1996

Ever fancied taking up the habit? The Carthusian monastery of St Hugh’s Charterhouse, near Cowfold in Sussex, is looking to recruit fresh novices, Completed in 1883 to house 200 monks, today there are only about 20 – plus a cow. With some of the fathers getting on a bit, the monastery needs a new batch of postulants to carry the English Carthusian tradition into the next century.

Despite being the largest monastery in England, the sprawling mass of Charterhouse is cleverly secluded. The soaring spire which protrudes above the tree tops is the only clue as to what lies beyond. On the inside, the building comprises a labyrinth of passages and cloisters, libraries, chapels, winding stairwells and inner courtyards.

In theory, anyone can join the community (one monk was a computer consultant in a former life, on a salary of 45K a year). Applicants should approach in writing and must fill in questionnaires …

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