Spearmint Rhino Clubs Investigation (Channel 4 News)


Special Investigation
Channel 4 News
By Adrian Gatton
9 June, 2002

If you haven’t heard of Spearmint Rhino then Max Clifford hasn’t been doing his job. Rhino is the high class American strip club that you can trust your husband to, if you believe the hype – and women are invited too.

The chain’s enjoyed astonishing success since the first club opened in the UK two years ago. Already there are 6 clubs: 3 in London and the south east, and others in Birmingham, Bournemouth and Harrogate. Another is due to open in Leeds.

But doubts are growing about Rhino and its flamboyant boss John Gray. Adrian Gatton reports …

Copies of this report can be ordered via the ITN Archive. The shot-list can also be viewed via the archive.

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