Sister Ping Snakehead Trafficking Investigation (Channel 4 News)


Human trafficker’s last days of freedom
Channel 4 News
29 June, 2003

An investigation into Little Sister Ping, the Chinese Snakehead smuggler. Her gang organised the notorious shipment of Chinese illegal immigrants to Dover in which 58 immigrants were suffocated in the back of a lorry carrying tomatoes. This film includes exclusive access to the Dutch police phone taps of Sister Ping’s conversations, and secret filming in Rotterdam.


“I dream I’m returning to China and I am being arrested by the police. I am always having nightmares.”

These are the words of Sister Ping who was jailed in the Netherlands last week for smuggling people from China into Britain.

It was her gang that was responsible for the ill-fated operation in which 58 people suffocated while hidden in a truck bringing a cargo of tomatoes through Dover.

But what emerged from the trial was the sheer scale of Sister Ping’s human trafficking. It’s estimated that she could have been responsible for more than a quarter of all Chinese illegal immigration into Britain.

Adrian Gatton gained exclusive access to the police phone taps of Sister Ping and reports now on how she made, and lost, a fortune trading in misery of others …

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Reporter: Adrian Gatton
Director: Rob Lemkin