Dispatches: Battle Fatigue (Channel 4)

Dispatches: Battle Fatigue
22 May 2006
Channel 4 Television

With thousands of British troops now being sent to Afghanistan, Dispatches investigates whether the British army is losing the battle at home.

Andrew Gilligan (pictured) discovers disturbing new evidence of how wounded Iraq veterans are being abandoned, how army recruitment has collapsed and the lengths to which the Ministry of Defence has gone to prevent the full story emerging. Badly injured Iraq veterans recount shocking stories of neglect and the parents of a soldier killed earlier this year explain how their son’s death has prompted his friends to sign out of the Army.

In his first ever interview the Chairman of the British Armed Forces Federation tells Gilligan how his new, grass-roots organisation was formed in response to servicemen’s escalating woes.

Reporter: Andrew Gilligan
Director: James Bluemel
Producers: John Ashton, Adrian Gatton
Exec Producer: Stephen Phelps