How Safe Are Our Planes? (Channel 4)


Channel 4
April 1, 2015

Last week an Airbus 320 heading from Barcelona to Dusseldorf crashed in the Alps with the loss of 150 lives, and after initial concerns over mechanical failure or an act of terrorism, it was eventually revealed to be an act of mass murder committed by the co-pilot. In this documentary, Matt Frei investigates the story of Andreas Lubitz and asks whether air travel is still the safest form of transport, examining the airline industry’s safety record and incidents involving pilot error or emotional breakdown.

Edit Producers: Roger Corke, Adrian Gatton
Archive Producer: Adam Ambery-Smith
Editors: Kai Lawrence, John Moratiel, Paddy Payne
Location Directors: Tom Marchbanks, Alison Ramsay
Producer & Director: Mark Gregory
Exec Producer: Ian Russell